Saskatoon Animal Control Agency

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at SACA!

Our priority is the welfare of our animals and as such, we need to know if you are suited to the position and if you are ready to take on a role within our organization.  As such, you will need to apply using our Volunteer Application form.   Please complete it in full.

Please submit a current criminal record check with your application.  If you are a resident of Saskatoon, information for this process can be found on the Saskatoon Police Service webpage.

You must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer.

What tasks are you interested in? We have a variety of roles.


photographs of each animal need to be taken and added to their profile.  A great profile picture is the best way to start an animal on their way to a new home!

Pet pantry volunteers

Come in and help our animals get fed a bit faster. This is a great role for the beginner.  It’s often an introduction point to our volunteer program.  Help our staff fill dishes and keep those water dishes full. 


Cages require frequent cleaning to ensure healthy housing for our animals.

Office Support

Our shelter runs on paperwork and a passion for animals.  Our goal is to make sure our animals get placement or returned to an owner as quick as possible.  Help us clear up any obstacles in the way.  Add photos to profiles, photocopy help update lost and found reports.

Laundry support

bedding is an essential part of our day to day.  Doing laundry isn’t a glamourous job, but it’s an essential role.  Sanitation is key in the health of our animals and having fresh clean bedding helps keep our animal healthy and happy!

Adoption assistance

Our volunteers gain experience with our adoptable animals and can be the helping hands needed to find a dog or cat that fits with a new owner’s needs.

Foster Assistance

help put together our foster care packages.

Animal Interaction

Many of our animals are here for an extended stay.  Walking our dogs and exercising cats can help keep them happy during their stay.  Helping an animal gain training or skills and become more sociable and will also help make them more adoptable.