About Us

Saskatoon Animal Control Agency

Saskatoon Animal Control Agency (SACA) is contracted for their services, providing enforcement of the City of Saskatoon’s Animal Control Bylaw No. 7860, and The Dangerous Animals Bylaw No. 8176.   SACA also houses animals impounded under these municipal laws for the City of Saskatoon, serving as the City’s Pound keeper.

SACA was established in 2004.

Our mission

To promote and support an environment where humans and animals can co-exist free from conditions that affect their health and safety, by advocating responsible pet ownership, through education and bylaw enforcement, and providing safe housing, and care to all apprehended animals.

SACA Leaders

Eva Alexandrovici President

Eva Alexandrovici has worked in the animal control field since 1999.  Her career started at the Saskatoon SPCA.  In 2004 she became one of the founders of SACA.  Applying her knowledge and experience to the growth and development of our current program.

Romeo Alexandrovici Director

Romeo Alexandrovici joined the Agency in 2009.  With his vision and through his dedication, the operation has undergone many positive changes.

General Manager

Heather Ens began her career in Animal Services at the Saskatoon SPCA, working in both Animal Protection and Animal Control.  She became a part of our SACA team in 2004.  As part of our leadership team, she has been involved within The City of Saskatoon’s Animal Services program for over 20 years, helping and improving the program as part of her dedication to the community, and our team’s  continued growth and development.

Dr. Rebecca Corrigan

Dr. Corrigan grew up in Manitoba surrounded by a menagerie of animals and next-door to her grandfather’s dairy farm. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 2003. Following this, she completed a Master’s of Science in Epidemiology and her research involved the West Nile Virus outbreak that occurred in Saskatchewan in 2003. While she was completing her master’s, she worked part-time for several small animal clinics in the city. She enjoyed her time in practice so much that she decided to return to practice full-time after she completed her thesis.

Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family and pets (3 cats) and spends time at the barn with her horses whenever possible.

Our leadership team is focused on building policies that promote and support responsible pet ownership and are passionate about making Saskatoon a safe, pet friendly city. 


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