Welcome to our Adoption Center

Why adopt?

Our adoption center is filled with animals who have been found lost or homeless within the City of Saskatoon.  These animals are now looking for a second chance at a new family.

We house dogs and cats in our facility, both of which are available for adoption.  However, not all animals in our facility are available for adoption. The animals listed on our found page may still be reunited with an owner and are not guaranteed to enter our adoption center.

Looking to adopt?

Check out our available animals here Not ready to adopt, but looking to help? Fostering is a great way to contribute short term to the wellbeing of an animal in our facility.

Adoption Process

Book an appointment with an adoption counselor.  We will meet with you and help you select an animal based on your experience and preferences.  Looking to walk-in? Give us a quick call 306-385-7387, we may have an available opening today!

Do you know which animal you would like to adopt?  Complete our online adoption application and speed up the process!  A staff member will call you and book you for an appointment.

Are you ready to adopt?

It is important to us that your new pet matches, you, your personality, your family and your lifestyle.  We want this adoption to be a forever home for an animal in need.  

Have you considered that all animals need attention, interaction, and adequate exercise?  Are you prepared for the financial commitment including food, vet appointments medical needs and supplies that are needed.  Is your home prepared for a new pet?

Do you know that there are municipal laws that apply to owning a cat or dog?

Our Animal Control Bylaw and Dangerous Animal bylaws can be found here. (link to both bylaws) If you have any questions our staff are available to answer them.  Don’t wait until you have been fined to find out!

Why do I have to pay for a new pet when these animals were homeless? What does the adoption fee include?

  • Neutering or spaying
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations (excluding rabies)
  • Pet license

As a responsible owner, the cost of these items should be expected.  Our responsibility to the community requires that we are not adding to the overpopulation of pets, or illnesses within the pet population.  We also want to ensure that we can always return a pet to an owner as quickly and easily as possible.   To meet this goal, the adoption fee includes: spaying or neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and a pet license.  Your adoption fee simply covers the cost of these items.