We are a contracted service provider for the City of Saskatoon to enforce the Animal Control Bylaw and the Dangerous Animals Bylaw.

No. We provide bylaw enforcement services to the City of Saskatoon.

No, Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan investigates animal cruelty complaints 306 382-0002.

No, injured wildlife complaints get referred to Wildlife Rescue Society of Saskatchewan 306 242-7177

Yes. We take privacy very seriously, and do not release any personal information.

Call us at 306 385-7387. You can report found animals, and hold onto them until the owner is found, or you may request pickup on the found animals.

Yes, SACA responds to at large dogs. If you see a dog running loose, you may report it. You do not have to have the dog contained. An officer will attend, and search for the dog in the reported location. If the dog is contained, the officer will meet you at a location.

No, we do not come to your house to scan animals for microchips. However; we try to scan every impounded animal.

You may bring the animal to our office, Saskatoon SPCA, or participating vet clinics.

Yes, we deal with nuisance barking under the bylaw. We require documentation from you listing the dates and times of the barking. Once the forms are received at our office, we will attend the owner’s address to speak with them.

No. SACA is responsible for bylaw enforcement.

Yes, all dogs and cats are required to be on a leash not exceeding 2 meters in length. Licensed dogs are allowed to be off leash in designated off leash areas.

Yes, all cats are required to be licensed. Even if they never go outside.

Even indoor cats will go missing at some point in their lives. A valid license will ensure a safe return. Unlicensed cats will be transported to the pound, and the owner will be issued a minimum fine of $250 for not having a valid license, as well as a $100 at large violation.

Yes. It is important to report a missing pet. We will do our best to reunite your pet with you.

No. You would receive a notice of violation if an ACO witnessed your animal at large, or a witness submitted a statement to our Agency.

No, an ACO can issue a notice of violation if they witness an animal at large.

Yes, it is the law that you provide your name address and DOB upon request of an on duty designated officer.

They are checked for identification. If an owner is found, they will be returned to their homes. Animals without identification will be transported to the animal pound.

You may contain the cat, and request pickup. If you know where the animal lives, you may request a witness statement, and have an ACO attend the owner’s address based on your statement.

Yes. You will need to provide their address, and an ACO will follow up on the complaint.

Yes, your dog must have a valid Saskatoon Pet license, or a valid license from another jurisdiction.

No, your dog must be on leash until you enter the dog park. It is not safe to have your dog off leash in the parking lot.

Yes, you must carry a leash for each dog in your care.

Yes, SACA deals with dangerous animal complaints.

You do not have to wait for a bite to happen. If you are witnessing aggressive behavior, you may file a complaint.